शिर्डी के साँई बाबा जी की समाधी और बूटी वाड़ा मंदिर में दर्शनों एंव आरतियों का समय....

"ॐ श्री साँई राम जी
समाधी मंदिर के रोज़ाना के कार्यक्रम

मंदिर के कपाट खुलने का समय प्रात: 4:00 बजे

कांकड़ आरती प्रात: 4:30 बजे

मंगल स्नान प्रात: 5:00 बजे
छोटी आरती प्रात: 5:40 बजे

दर्शन प्रारम्भ प्रात: 6:00 बजे
अभिषेक प्रात: 9:00 बजे
मध्यान आरती दोपहर: 12:00 बजे
धूप आरती साँयकाल: 5:45 बजे
शेज आरती रात्री काल: 10:30 बजे


निर्देशित आरतियों के समय से आधा घंटा पह्ले से ले कर आधा घंटा बाद तक दर्शनों की कतारे रोक ली जाती है। यदि आप दर्शनों के लिये जा रहे है तो इन समयों को ध्यान में रखें।


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जग अनंत, बदले नहीं, सत्य सिद्ध यह सार, इसी तरह साईं प्रभु की, माया बड़ी अपार

ॐ सांई राम

जग अनंत, बदले नहीं
सत्य सिद्ध यह सार
इसी तरह साईं प्रभु की
माया बड़ी अपार

... कौन रहे मात-पिता
ज्ञात ना जनम दिनांक
जन्म, उम्र साईं प्रभु की
अनुमान से आंक.

बाबा को जानने के लिए इन संदेशो को निरंतर पढ़े.

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God can be secured with Love Alone

ॐ सांई राम

God can be secured with Love Alone

This is a small story in the Mahabharata. With a view to get Lord Krishna exclusively for herself, Satyabhama, one of His consorts, went to Sage Narada and requested him to tell her some way, a short-cut, by which she can achieve her objective.
Narada is the one who imparts Wisdom. Wanting to teach Satyabhama a lesson, he decided to stage a small drama. He told her that there is a ritual in which she gives away her husband as a gift (daan) to someone and then buys him back by paying money, equivalent in weight to the weight of the Lord. Narada said that Krishna will belong solely to Satyabhama under all circumstances if she went through this ritual. Satyabhama was lured into the plan.
He asked for a big balance to be brought, and then invited Krishna to sit on one of the pans. Krishna of course knew very well what Narada was up to, and smilingly obliged the sage. Narada then asked Satyabhama to place gold on the other pan. But lo and behold! No matter how much gold was placed on the other pan, the scale refused to become even.
Sathyabhama felt utterly frustrated. Narada saw an excellent opportunity in the situation and told Satyabhama that since she is not able to give gold needed to equal her husband?s weight, he was taking away Krishna; from that day, Krishna would not belong to her; He would belong to him.
In that situation, Satyabhama thought of Rukmini and went in search of her. She found her performing Tulsi pooja. After hearing what Satyabhama had to say, Rukmini remarked, ?God belongs to all and resides in every being as the Eternal Indweller. No one can have a monopoly of God, nor is it good to even entertain such a desire.?
The gold was then removed and Narada now asked Rukmini to try and somehow match Krishna?s weight. Rukmini replied, ?O sage, I believe Krishna?s Form can be balanced just by uttering His Name, and that is what I am going to do.?
Narada was not prepared to accept such a scheme and said, ?The Form is visible and tangible whereas the Name is not. I want you to match Krishna?s Form with something that has a form.?
Rukmini agreed. She took a tulsi leaf in her hand and prayed:
O God, Who is worshipped with leaf, flowers, fruits, and water,
If it be true that You submit Yourself
When You are offered Pure Love instead of all these,
I pray that You be balanced by Your Name,
And then tilt the scale with this tulsi leaf.
So praying, Rukmini placed the tulsi leaf on the empty pan & said, ?Krishna!? Immediately the scale became even, and the pan carrying Krishna went up instantly; the Lord had been more than matched!
This story teaches that the Lord submits Himself only to pure devotion; He cannot be obtained in any other way; least of all, He cannot ever be bought! There is nothing greater than pure bhakti, which is why it is given such an exalted status in Indian culture.
Our ancients held that devotion is more precious and valuable than all the material wealth one can dream of. It is this wealth that man should really seek instead of gold. In fact, it is the bounden duty of man to acquire this wealth; and he does not have to go far to seek it, for this treasure is already locked up within him.


By giving charity, performing austerities, bathing in sacred rivers, chanting sacred mantras, or worshiping the Brahmanas and the Supreme Personality of Godhead at the Godavari, Mount Simla, Mayapuri, Kumbhaga, Pushkara, Pushya-nakshatra, Kurukshetra, Ravi-graha, Candra-graha, Kashi, Phalguna, Naimisharanya, Ekadashi, Shukara, Kartiki, Ganamuktida, Janmashtami, Madhupuri, Khandava, Dvadasi, Kartiki, Purnima, Vateshvara-maha-vata, Makararka, Prayaga, Barhishmati, Vaidhati, Ayodhya-sarayu-tira, Sri Rama-navami-dina, Shiva-caturdasi, Baijanatha- subha-vana, Darsa, Soma-vara, Ganga-sagara-sangama, Dasami, Setubandha, Sri Rangam, or Saptami-dina, one attains great pious result. O best of Brahmanas, by visiting Govardhan Hill once, one attains a pious result ten million times greater than all those pious deeds together.
Giriraj's appearance in Vraja
Following an inquiry by Nanda Maharaj to his brother Upananda about the appearance of Giriraj Govardhan in Vrindavan, Upananda related the story as told by Pitamaha Bhishma (citing the Garga Samhita) to Maharaj Pandu, the father of the Pandavas, who had also asked the same question.
Once in Goloka Vrindavan, Lord Sri Krishna informed Srimati Radharani that She should prepare for Their descent to this our material universe to appear on the Earth planet (Jambu dwip) to enact Their transcendental pastimes. Srimati Radharani replied that unless Vraja Dhama, the Yamuna and Govardhan Hill were present there, She would like not come. Krishna assured His Beloved that Vraja Dhama, the Yamuna and Giriraj Govardhan had already made Their appearance on the Earth planet, and were awaiting Srimati's and Krishna's coming.
In ancient times, thousands of years before this conversation between Radha and Krishna, the Vedas say that mountains were living entities who would move, grow and fly and land anywhere they liked.
Once in the land of Salmali Dvipa, Dronachal's (the personified mountain) wife gave birth to a son named Govardhan. At the time of Govardhan's birth all the demigods appeared in the sky and showered flowers upon him. The great mountains, led by the Himalayas and Sumeru came, offering their respects and prayers, praising Govardhan for having descended from Goloka Vrindavana. They accepted Govardhan as their King, described Him as the "crown jewel of Vraja," and performed parikrama of Govardhan.
At the beginning of Satya Yuga, the great sage Pulastya Muni came to Salmali dvipa. Seeing the beautiful Govardhan covered with many lovely creepers, flowers, rivers, caves and chirping birds, Pulastya Muni felt that Govardhan was capable of granting liberation. He then went to meet Dronachal, who immediately offered his respects and inquired from the sage what service he could render.
Pulastya Muni informed Dronachal that he was on pilgrimage to all the holy places, and that he resided in Kashi. He explained that although Kashi was so auspicious due to the presence of the Ganga flowing through the city, there were no hills possessed of such beauty as Govardhan. He asked Dronachal if he would give his son Govardhan to him so that he could bring Govardhan to Kashi, so that he could perform his tapasya in the pristine environment of the hill.
Dronachal did not want to give up Govardhan and began crying in thoughts of possible separation from his son. Govardhan, not wanting to see Pulastya Muni become angry and curse his father, asked the rishi how he would be able to carry him all the way to Kashi. Pulastya Muni said he would carry him in his right hand. Govardhan agreed to go with the sage giving one condition; if the sage put him down anywhere during the course of the journey, he would not be able to lift him again. Pulastya Muni agreed, and left, carrying Govardhan in his right hand.
On the way to Kasi Pulastya Muni passed through Vraja. Govardhan saw the beauty of the place and wished to remain there. Govardhan then arranged for Pulastya Muni to feel the need to relieve himself, so Pulastya Muni attended to the call of nature, putting Govardhan down. When Pulastya Muni returned, he was unable to again lift Govardhan to any degree, despite the tremendous strength he was using to do so.
In great anger Pulastya Muni then cursed Govardhan that He would daily sink into the ground, to the extent of one mustard seed a day. When Govardhan first came to Vraja in the beginning of Satya Yuga, he was 64 miles long, 40 miles wide, and 16 miles high. It is explained that after 10,000 years of the Kali Yuga, Govardhan (and Yamuna Devi) will completely disappear.
After narrating the wonderful story of Govardhan's appearance, (another brother of Nanda Maharaj), Sunanda informed Nanda Maharaja that as long as Govardhan Hill and the river Yamuna remained manifest, Kali Yuga would not take its full effect. Sunanda Prabhu also explained that anyone who is fortunate enough to hear the description of the appearance of Giriraj Govardhan would be freed from all sins.
There is also another legend which relates that during Treta Yug when Lord Rama appeared, Mount Govardhan prayed to Hanuman Maharaj to utilize his stones and boulders in building the bridge to Lanka as he wanted to serve the Lord. When Sri Rama heard his prayer, just at that time, the bridge was completed. Sri Rama then promised Govardhan that in the age of Dwapara when He would appear as Krishna in Vraja, He would daily play and perform pastimes in and around Govardhan and also lift him on His hands for 7 days and 7 nights.
During Krishna’s praktya lila, He alongwith his cowherd friends, would spent their entire day around Giriraj Govardhan. While the cows would happily graze on the fresh tender grass, Krishna and his friends would frolic in the shaded groves and caves of the hill and dive into the cool sarovars and kunds which surround Govardhan.
As the best of servitors, Govardhan Hill provides Krishna and Balarama and the inhabitants of Vrindavan with all the necessities of life. Cool pure drinking water from its many waterfalls, pure honey, succulent fruits, wonderful varieties of herbs, roots, fruits, creepers and fresh flowers. Govardhan also provides various minerals and precious gems that the cowherd boys use to decorate Krishna and Balarama and themselves as well.
Govardhan is also fortunate to provide well-hidden caves and natural stone sitting places for the divine couple where they perform their sweet, loving pastimes. In this way, Giriraj Maharaj is the most confidential servitor of Sri Radha Krishna, being a witness of their intimate pastimes.
The Vedas declare that Govardhan Maharaj is non-different from the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Lord Krishna Himself. When Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu visited Vraja in the year 1515, He refused to step on Govardhan Hill because He regarded Govardhan as the body of Lord Krishna. At the time of the Annakuta ceremony, Krishna declared that He and Govardhan Hill are one and the same. Because Govardhan Hill is non-different from Krishna Himself, the rocks from Govardhan are worshipable just like a Deity of Krishna.
In fact, the stones known as Govardhan-sila do not need to be installed as they are already considered to be worshipful Deities. Many great devotees have worshiped the silas from Govardhan such as Sanatana Gosvami Raghunatha dasa Gosvami and Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu Himself.
Govardhan Hill is envisioned to be in the shape of a peacock resting with its head tucked into its side. Its face is considered to be Kusuma-sarovara, its neck Manasi-ganga, its mouth Mukharavinda, its two eyes Radha-kunda and Syama-kunda, the beginning of its tail Balarama Sthali and the end Punchari-kunda.
In the holy month of Kartik, thousands of devotees perform the parikrama of Giriraj Maharaj revelling in the joyful, transcendental atmosphere of Govardhan. They walk barefoot the 23 km path around Govardhan, or perform dandavat parikrama, which may take weeks, chanting the Lord’s name and glorifying Giriraj Maharaj praying for pure loving devotion unto the lotus feet of Sri Sri Radha Giridhari.

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श्री साँई सच्चरित्र - अध्याय 11, आप सभी को स्वतंत्रता दिवस और रक्षाबंधन की हार्दिक शुभकामनाएं

ॐ साँई राम

आप सभी को शिर्डी के साँईं बाबा ग्रुप की और से श्री साँईं-वार और स्वतंत्रता दिवस की हार्दिक शुभ कामनाएं
हम प्रत्येक साँईं-वार के दिन आप के समक्ष बाबा जी की जीवनी पर आधारित श्री साँईं सच्चित्र का एक अध्याय प्रस्तुत करने के लिए श्री साँईं जी से अनुमति चाहते है
हमें आशा है की हमारा यह कदम घर घर तक श्री साँईं सच्चित्र का सन्देश पंहुचा कर हमें सुख और शान्ति का अनुभव करवाएगा
किसी भी प्रकार की त्रुटी के लिए हम सर्वप्रथम श्री साँईं चरणों में क्षमा याचना करते है

श्री साँई सच्चरित्र - अध्याय 11

सगुण ब्रहम श्री साईबाबा, डाँक्टर पंडित का पूजन, हाजी सिद्दीक फालके, तत्वों पर नियंत्रण ।

इस अध्याय में अब हम श्री साईबाबा के सगुण ब्रहम स्वरुप, उनका पूजन तथा तत्वनियंत्रण का वर्णन करेंगे । 

सगुण ब्रहम श्री साईबाबा

ब्रहमा के दो स्वरुप है – निर्गुण और सगुण । निर्गुण नराकार है और सगुण साकार है । यघरु वे एक ही ब्रहमा के दो रुप है, फर भी किसी को निर्गुण और किसी को सगुण उपासना में दिलचस्पी होती है, जैसा कि गीता के अध्याय 12 में वर्णन किया गया है । सगुण उपासना सरल और श्रेष्ठ है । मनुष्य स्वंय आकार (शरीर, इन्द्रय आदि) में है, इसीलिये उसे ईश्वर की साकार उपासना स्वभावताः ही सरल हैं । जब तक कुछ काल सगुण ब्रहमा की उपासना न की जाये, तब तक प्रेम और भक्ति में वृद्घि ही नहीं होती । सगुणोपासना में जैसे-जैसे हमारी प्रगति होती जाती है, हम निर्गुण ब्रहमा की ओर अग्रसर होते जाते हैं । इसलिये सगुण उपासना से ही श्री गणेश करना अति उत्तम है । मूर्ति, वेदी, अग्नि, प्रकाश, सूर्य, जल और ब्राहमण आदि सप्त उपासना की वस्तुएँ होते हुए भी, सदगुरु ही इन सभी में श्रेष्ठ हैं ।

श्री साई का स्वरुप आँखों के सम्मुख लाओ, जो वैराग्य की प्रत्यक्ष मूर्ति और अनन्य शरणागत भक्तों के आश्रयदाता है । उनके शब्दों में विश्वास लाना ही आसन और उनके पूजन का संकल्प करना ही समस्त इच्छाओं का त्याग हैं ।

कोई-कोई श्रीसाईबाबा की गणना भगवदभक्त अथवा एक महाभागवत (महान् भक्त) में करते थे या करते है । परन्तु हम लोगों के लिये तो वे ईश्वरावतार है । वे अत्यन्त क्षमाशील, शान्त, सरल और सन्तुष्ट थे, जिनकी कोई उपमा ही नहीं दी जा सकती । यघरि वे शरीरधारी थे, पर यथार्थ में निर्गुण, निराकार,अनन्त और नित्यमुक्त थे । गंगा नदी समुद्र की ओर जाती हुई मार्ग में ग्रीष्म से व्यथित अनेकों प्रगणियों को शीतलता पहुँचा कर आनन्दित करती, फसलों और वृक्षों को जीवन-दान देती और जिस प्रकार प्राणियों की क्षुधा शान्त करती है, उसी प्रकार श्री साई सन्त-जीवन व्यतीत करते हुए भी दूसरों को सान्त्वना और सुख पहुँचाते है । भगवान् श्रीकृष्ण ने कहा है संत ही मेरी आत्मा है । वे मेरी जीवित प्रतिमा और मेरे ही विशुद्घ रुप है । मैं सवयं वही हूँ । यह अवर्णनीय शक्तियाँ या ईश्वर की शक्ति, जो कि सत्, चित्त् और आनन्द हैं । शिरडी में साई रुप में अवर्तीण हुई थी । श्रुति (तैतिरीय उपनिषद्) में ब्रहमा को आनन्द कहा गया है । अभी तक यह विषय केवल पुस्तकों में पढ़ते और सुनते थे, परन्तु भक्तगण ने शिरडी में इस प्रकार का प्रत्यक्ष आनन्द पा लिया है । बाबा सब के आश्रयदाता थे, उन्हें किसी की सहायता की आवश्यकता न थी । उनके बैठने के लिये भक्तगण एक मुलायम आसन और एक बड़ा तकिया लगा देते थे । बाबा भक्तों के भावों का आदर करते और उनकी इच्छानुसार पूजनादि करने देने में किसी प्रकार की आपत्ति न करते थे । कोई उनके सामने चँवर डुलाते, कोई वाघ बजाते और कोई पादप्रक्षालन करते थे । कोई इत्र और चन्दन लगाते, कोई सुपारी, पान और अन्य वस्तुएँ भेंट करते और कोई नैवेघ ही अर्पित करते थे । यघपि ऐसा जान पड़ता था कि उनका निवासस्थान शिरडी में है, परन्तु वे तो सर्वव्यापक थे । इसका भक्तों ने नित्य प्रति अनुभव किया । ऐसे सर्वव्यापक गुरुदेव के चरणों में मेरा बार-बार नमस्कार हैं ।

डाँक्टर पंडित की भक्ति
एक बार श्री तात्या नूलकर के मित्र डाँक्टर पंडित बाबा के दर्शनार्थ शिरडी पधारे बाबा को प्रणाम कर वे मसजिद में कुछ देर तक बैठे । बाबा ने उन्हें श्री दादा भट केलकर के पास भेजा, जहाँ पर उनका अच्छा स्वागत हुआ । फिर दादा भट और डाँक्टर पंडित एक साथ पूजन के लिये मसजिद पहुँचे । दादा भट ने बाबा का पूजन किया । बाबा का पूजन तो प्रायः सभी किया करते थे, परन्तु अभी तक उनके शुभ मस्तक पर चन्दन लगाने का किसी ने भी साहस नहीं किया था । केवल एक म्हालसापति ही उनके गले में चन्दन लगाया करते थे । डाँक्टर पंडित ने पूजन की थाली में से चन्दन लेकर बाबा के मस्तक पर त्रिपुण्डाकार लगाया । लोगों ने महान् आश्चर्य से देघा कि बाबा ने एक शब्द भी नहीं कहा । सन्ध्या समय दादा भट ने बाबा से पूछा, क्या कारण है कि आर दूसरों को तो मस्तक पर चन्दन नहीं लगाने देते, परन्तु डाँक्टर पंडित को आपने कुछ भी नहीं कहा बाबा कहने लगे, डाँक्टर पंडित ने मुझे अपने गुरु श्री रघुनाथ महाराज धोपेश्वरकर, जो कि काका पुराणिक के नाम से प्रसिदृ है, के ही समान समझा और अपने गुरु को वे जिस प्रकार चन्दन लगाते थे, उसी भावना से उन्होंने मुझे चन्दन लगाया । तब मैं कैसे रोक सकता था । पुछने पर डाँक्टर पंडित ने दादा भट से कहा कि मैंने बाबा को अपने गुरु काका पुराणिक के समान ही डालकर उन्हें त्रिपुण्डाकार चन्दन लगाया है, जिस प्रकार मैं अपने गुरु को सदैव लगाया करता था ।
यघपु बाबा भक्तों को उनकी इच्छानुसार ही पूजन करने देते थे, परन्तु कभी-कभी तो उनका व्यवहार विचित्र ही हो जाया करता था । जब कभी वे पूजन की थाली फेंक कर रुद्रावतार धारण कर लेते, तब उनके समीप जाने का साहस ही किसी को न हो सकता था । कभी वे भक्तों को झिड़कते और कभी मोम से भी नरम होकर शान्ति तथा क्षमा की मूर्ति-से प्रतीत होते थे । कभी-कभी वे क्रोधावस्था में कम्पायमान हो जाते और उनके लाल नेत्र चारों ओर घूमने लगते थे, तथापि उनके अन्तःकरण में प्रेम और मातृ-स्नेह का स्त्रोत बहा ही करता था । भक्तों को बुलाकर वे कहा करते थे कि उनहें तो कुछ ज्ञात ही नहीं हे कि वे कब उन पर क्रोधित हुए । यदि यह सम्भव हो कि माताएँ अपने बालकों को ठुकरा दें और समुद्र नदियों को लौटा दे तो ही वे भक्तों के कल्याण की भी उपेक्षा कर सकते हैं । वे तो भक्तों के समीप ही रहते हैं और जब भक्त उन्हें पुकारते है तो वे तुरन्त ही उपस्थित हो जाते है । वे तो सदा भक्तों के प्रेम के भूखे है ।

हाजी सिद्दीक फालके
यह कोई नहीं कह सकता था कि कब श्री साईबाबा अपने भक्त को अपना कृपापात्र बना लेंगे । यह उनकी सदिच्छा पर निर्भर था । हाजी सिद्दीक फालके की कथा इसी का उदाहरण है ।

कल्याणनिवासी एक यवन, जिनका नाम सिद्दीक फालके था, मक्का शरीफ की हज करने के बाद शिरडी आये । वे चावड़ी में उत्तर की ओर रहने लगे । वे मसजिद के सामने खुले आँगन में बैठा करते थे । बाबा ने उन्हें 9 माह तक मसजिद में प्रविष्ट होने की आज्ञा न दी और न ही मसजिद की सीढ़ी चढ़ने दी । फालके बहुत निराश हुँ और कुछ निर्णय न कर सके कि कौनसा उपाय काम में लाये । लोगों ने उन्हें सलाह दी कि आशा न त्यागो । शामा श्रीसाई बाबा के अंतरंग भक्त है । तुम उनके ही द्घारा बाबा के पास पहुँचने का प्रयत्न करो । जिस प्रकार भगवान शंकर के पास पहुँचने के लिये नन्दी के पास जाना आवश्यक होता है, उसी प्रकार बाबा के पास भी शामा के द्घारा ही पहुँचना चाहिये । फालके को यह विचार उचित प्रतीत हुआ और उन्होने शामा से सहायता की प्रार्थना की । शामा ने भी आश्वासन दे दिया और अवसर पाकर वे बाबा से इस प्रकार बोले कि, बाबा, आप उस बूढ़े हाजी को मसजिद में किस कारण नहीं आने देते । अने भक्त स्वेच्छापूर्वक आपके दर्शन को आया-जाया करते है । कम से कम एक बार तो उसे आशीष दे दो । बाबा बोले, शामा, तुम अभी नादान हो । यदि फकीर अल्लाह) नहीं आने देता है तो मै क्या करुँ । उनकी कृपा के बिना कोई भी मसजिद कीसीढ़ियाँ नहीं चढ़ सकता । अच्छा, तुम उससे पूछ आओ कि क्या वह बारवी कुएँ निचली पगडंडी पर आने को सहमत है । शामा स्वीकारात्मक उत्तर लेकर पहुँचे । फर बाबा ने पुनः शामा से कहा कि उससे फिर पुछो कि क्या वह मुझे चार किश्तों में चालीस हजार रुपये देने को तैयार है । फिर शामा उत्तर लेकर लौटे कि आप कि आप कहें तो मैं चालीस लाख रुपये देने को तैयार हूँ । मैं मसजिद में एक बकरा हलाल करने वाला हूँ, उससे पूछी कि उसे क्या रुचिकर होगा – बकरे का मांस, नाध या अंडकोष । शामा यह उत्तर लेकर लौटे कि यदि बाबा के यदि बाबा के भोजन-पात्र में से एक ग्रास भी मिल जाय तो हाजी अपने को सौभाग्यशाली समझेगा । यह उत्तर पाकर बाबा उत्तेजित हो गये और उन्होंने अपने हाथ से मिट्टी का बर्तन (पानी की गागर) उठाकर फेंक दी और अपनी कफनी उठाये हुए सीधे हाजी के पास पहुँचे । वे उनसे कहने लगे कि व्यर्थ ही नमाज क्यों पढ़ते हो । अपनी श्रेष्ठता का प्रदर्शन क्यों करते हो । यह वृदृ हाजियों के समान वे्शभूषा तुमने क्यों धारण की है । क्या तुम कुरान शरीफ का इसी प्रकार पठन करते हो । तुम्हें अपने मक्का हज का अभिमान हो गया है, परन्तु तुम मुझसे अनभिज्ञ हो । इस प्रकार डाँट सुनकर हाजी घबडा गया । बाबा मसजिद को लौट आयो और कुछ आमों की टोकरियाँ खरीद कर हाजी के पास भेज दी । वे स्वयं भी हाजी के पास गये और अपने पास से 55 रुपये निकाल कर हाजी को दिये । इसके बाद से ही बाबा हाजी से प्रेेम करने लगे तथा अपने साथ भोजन करने को बुलाने लगे । अब हाजी भी अपनी इच्छानुसार मसजिद में आने-जाने लगे । कभी-कभी बाबा उन्हें कुछ रुपये भी भेंट में दे दिया करते थे । इस प्रकार हाजी बाबा के दरबार में सम्मिलित हो गये ।

बाबा का तत्वों पर नियंत्रण
बाबा के तत्व-नियंत्रण की दो घटनाओं के उल्लेख के साथ ही यह अध्याय समाप्त हो जायेगा ।
1. एक बार सन्ध्या समय शिरडी में भयानक झंझावात आया । आकाश में घने और काले बादल छाये हुये थे । पवन झकोरों से बह रहा था । बादल गरजते और बिजली चमक रही थी । मूसलाधार वर्षा प्रारंभ हो गई । जहाँ देखो, वहाँ जल ही जल दृष्टिगोचर होने लगा । सब पशु, पक्षी और शिरडीवासी अधिक भयभीत होकर मसजिद में एकत्रित हूँ । शिरडी में देवियाँ तो अनेकों है, परन्तु उस दिन सहायतार्थ कोई न आई । इसलिये सभी ने अपने भगवान साई से, जो भक्ति के ही भूखे थे, संकट-निवारण करने की प्रार्थना की । बाबा को भी दया आ गई और वे बाहर निकल आये । मसजिद के समीप खड़े हो जाओ । कुछ समय के बाद ही वर्षा का जोर कम हो गया । और पवन मन्द पड़ गया तथा आँधी भी शान्त हो गई । आकाश में चन्द्र देव उदित हो गये । तब सब नोग अति प्रसन्न होकर अपने-अपने घर लौट आये ।

2. एक अन्य अवसर पर मध्याहृ के समय धूनी की अग्नि इतनी प्रचण्ड होकर जलने लगी कि उसकी लपटें ऊपर छत तक पहुँचने लगी । मसजिद में बैठे हुए लोगों की समझ में न आता था कि जल डाल कर अग्नि शांत कर दें अथवा कोई अन्य उपाय काम में लावें । बाबा से पूछने का साहस भी कोई नहीं कर पा रहा था । परन्तु बाबा शीघ्र परिस्थिति को जान गये । उन्होंने अपना सटका उठाकर सामने के थम्भे पर बलपूर्वक प्रहार किया और बोले नीचो उतरो और शान्त हो जाओ । सटके की प्रत्येक ठोकर पर लपटें कम होने लगी और कुछ मिनटों  में ही धूनी शान्त और यथापूर्व हो गई । श्रीसाई ईश्वर के अवतार हैं । जो उनके सामने नत हो उनके शरणागत होगा, उस पर वे अवश्य कृपा करेंगे । जो भक्त इस अध्याय की कथायें प्रतिदिन श्रद्घा और भक्तिपूर्वक पठन करेगा, उसका दुःखों से शीघ्र ही छुटकारा हो जायेगा । केवल इतना ही नही, वरन् उसे सदैव श्रीसाई चरणों का स्मरण बना रहेगा और उसे अल्प काल में ही ईश्वर-दर्शन की प्राप्ति होकर, उसकी समस्त इच्छायें पूर्ण हो जायेंगी और इस प्रकार वह निष्काम बन जायेगा ।

।। श्री सद्रगुरु साईनाथार्पणमस्तु । शुभं भवतु ।।

Wednesday, 14 August 2019

साँईं बाबा जी ने कहा था :

ॐ सांँई राम

साँईं बाबा जी ने कहा था :

"मै तुम्हारे ह्रदय मे विराजमान हूँ, सभी जीवित प्राणियों के ह्रदय में, मै ही व्याप्त हूँ" |

"चाहे इस संसार में तुम कही भी जाओ, में हर जगह तुम्हारे साथ ही जाता हूँ | तुम्हारा ह्रदय ही मेरा घर है; में तुम्हारे अंत:करण में निवास करता हूँ" |

"चाहे इस संसार में तुम कही भी जाओ, में हर जगह तुम्हारे साथ ही जाता हूँ | तुम्हारा ह्रदय ही मेरा घर है; में तुम्हारे अंत:करण में निवास करता हूँ" |

मुझे सबसे ज्यादा प्यारा वो भक्त है जो हर किसी जरुरतमंद इंसान की मदद करने के लिए हमेशा तैयार रहता हो और हर किसी के सुख और दुःख में शामिल होता हो और किसी गरीब, बेसहारा जरुरतमंद इंसान की मदद करना ही तो मेरी भक्ति करना है ......अल्लहा मालिक !!

Tuesday, 13 August 2019

My Shirdi Trip & Baba's Miracles Part 2

ॐ सांई राम

My Shirdi Trip & Baba's Miracles  Part 2

(Read My Shirdi Trip & Baba's Miracles Part 1 Here)

Later after dinner, we all went to Dwarakamai and sat their reading Sat Charitra, I wanted to Keep my Sat Charitra & Bhagwat Gita in Dwarakmai & and than start reading. I had this deep desire to attend Kakad Aarti thursday morning in Samadhi Mandir but standing in the first row. But my friend who joined us from Delhi had this desire to attend aarti at Dwarkamai only. I agreed to her since I could not take the VIP pass & without pass, there are very little chances to make it as the people started to join the queue at 2330 hours for 430 hours aarti. I did not wanted to go & join the queue now at 100 hours for 2 reasons, one I wanted to sit in Dwarakamai, Read the books, Meditate on Sai to understand everything that happened & second I had a feeling that people are less that day & would make it if go at 3 also. I wanted to start reading Bhagwat Gita there, I read some pages & than started my Sat Charitra there. At Around 2.45am, my friend felt asleep & suddenly
she wanted to go to hotel & sleep, I left her at hotel room wandering now what to do, since she wanted to attend aarti at Dwarkamai & I wanted to attend at Mandir. Don’t know what entered me & I wanted to go and check if I can still join the queue & may be I will be able to attend the aarti..I started walking towards the gate, From far away only I could notice that all the halls were full and joining the queue will not me attend the aarti, Disappointed I thought of going to GuruSthan and started walking towards the Gate which is on Main Road, I had no clue, which gate will let me in as all the gates were closed. When I reached the gate, I found some people sitting there & 3 Guards standing, I requested to one of guards that I want to go & sit at gurusthan. He smiled and replied, “Please join this line at the end, this is for VIP Pass holders, when we open gate for them, We will let you in”. I joined the queue as he suggested....

It sounds Easy, isn’t it?

I waited there for approx. 30minutes, After that a senior guard came and he instructed the queue to start moving, He also asked everybody standing in queue to raise their VIP Passes in Air. He was shouting at the top of his voice and appeared to very strict. I got worried but my faith kept me moving. There were 3 people in front of me who also did not had the pass & when asked they told the guard that there name is written inside. He made them stand separately and when he asked me I also told this that my name is written and I was also made to stand with them. When everybody in that line went inside, he turned to us, firstly asked those 3 people about where their name is written, they replied something & he let them in, Than he asked me about it & I replied P.R.O. (Don’t know how it clicked me to say this, may be since I have worked in Newspaper Group). He looked at me and let me in, I was speechless. Instantly I thought may be Baba will complete my wish of attending the Kakad Aarti standing in VIP position. I went inside with VIP pass holders. When I reached the Mandir area there I found one more queue & again checking of passes. This time when those 3 people were asked they were matched again there names in list but How can I be matched when there was no name written. I though may be I am supposed to be at Gurusthan & that’s what I wished for sometime back. I went to Gurusthan & collected all the Neem Leaves, there were around 50 of them. I was happy to get My Baba’s treasure :), Then I sat there meditating & thinking about Baba. It was cleaning time and when the sevak’s started cleaning I stood up & went near the wall which had window. When I leaned again the window, My hand touched something & I saw it Was Sai Satcharitra, there was one Saint near me, I asked him, If this book belongs to him? To which he replied If you have got it, it must be for you. I thought of reading it sitting at Gurusthan. As soon as I opened it, I found a Baba’s photo & on the very same chapter which I am suppose to read for today’s Reading. I recalled Baba’s SMS which came somedays back telling me to read pothi in front of him. I read few chapters and as soon as I finished, the very same guard who met with me as Gurusthan came as if he just got up from sleep & after seeing me there, he smiled and said “ aap aarti attend karne aaye ho?, I replied in positive, Than he said with a smile, Baba is everywhere, don’t think that he is only inside. Attend Aarti here. I replied that, I have very strong desire to attend aarti in Samadhi Mandir standing in the very first position. He replied, If Baba wishes, you will go inside. I was quiet for a moment & than he told me pointing in a direction where some people were standing and said,”please go and stand there, That is for VVIP’s who are guests of Mandir Committee, if Baba wishes you will be allowed to go inside. I went & stood there.”
There the guards asked me if my name was written, I replied in negative, to which they told me than they can’t let me in. Still I requested them to please let me in & they showed their helplessness. Suddenly those 3 Guards and the guard that sent me there talked something in Marathi and the gate opened, I was spellbound. I went inside from Mukh Dwar looking at Baba from very close & stood just in the first place.

Baba is Great !

There I noticed that the first place is reserved for Committee & their guests and after 10 feet are reserved for VIP guests and from 20feet after that VIP category ends starts the general category. If I had been in general queue How could I be in the first place.

Baba Is here & he listens to everything you say!
I attended the Aarti & Mangal Snan & delighted I went back to my hotel room at around 6am. My joy knew no bounds. I can still feel the same joy while writing this.

My Koti koti pranam to Sai Sadguru.

I woke up at 11 and everybody was ready to go to Chauhan Baba. I quickly took shower etc and got ready. I was damn hungry but skipped taking anything as it everybody was ready to leave. I thought in my mind, My Sai will give me something to eat and told the same to my friend who had skipped breakfast too. (As I promised to be honest)I had very weird thoughts before going to Chauhan Baba as I am very afraid to meet anyone like this, I try to stay away from people who could tell future etc or say something that can create nuisance in you mind. Although my friend who was taking me there had introduced Chauhan Baba very nicely but still I had my cup full of doubts. We reached Chauhan Baba after 12.20 or so. When we went inside I saw a very simple man sitting on Chair & people sitting on floor listening to him patiently, I was somewhat relieved. Chauhan Baba looked at me and continued talking to people.After having darshan of Sai Baba, We also sat among people. I saw Chauhan Baba talking like Sai Baba to people, giving then solution, faith & cure. As I was Hungry I was bit restless, also due to less sleep. Suddenly two people came, Went to Chauhan baba with a packet in hand and announced happily that with his blessings, marriage has been fixed and he offered sweets to Chauhan baba. Baba took the box in hand and returned by saying that please distribute half to each one of people as they are hungry. It clicked me. He gave one half a piece of milk cake, I ate it instantly but was still hungry. My bhabhi offered me her piece, which me & friend ate. suddenly Chauhan Baba pointed at me and told the person to give me more as I was hungry, he also asked me if you are hungry why don’t you say it. Than he started telling people about me, he praised me saying that, “Ye bahut acha hain, kanoon ka paaka hain, Sabko dene k baad hi khata hain, Iska ghar bi bahut acha hain” I joined my hands and was listening patiently. Than he continued talking to other people. After some time he told everyone to go as it has been long he was sitting here and was tired. He stood up and was talking to Pujari, I felt like giving Chauhan Baba some money. I took our 500 Rs and started walking toward him. Just as I reached him, he stumbled and was about to fall, I hold his hand, baba looked me in the eye. Baba hold my hand. I offered Baba 500 Rs but baba did not leave and started talking to me.

Baba- Tum toh pehli baar aaye ho mere pass.
Me - Ji Baba
Baba- kiske saath aaye ho
Me- I point at my friend.
Baba- Tum to aana nahi chahte thay, darr rahe thay
Me- I was silent
Baba- Kya karte ho?
Me- I told Baba about my profession etc.
Baba- Bahut acha, Sai ne bheja hain tumhe mere paas aaj, Main bahut kush hun.
Me- I bowed my head and was listening.
Baba- Tum to ek ladki ko pasand karte ho na?
Me- Ji Baba, par uski to kahin aur shadi fix ho gayi hain
Baba- (He looked me in the eye) kyun darte ho, wahi hogi tumhari shadi.
Me- I was speechless ( This was the girl I was with for last 10 years, She is my life and I can not even think of living a moment without her, I was in dire pain after she chose to go with someone else, I am yet to get her back but have full faith in Sai that his words will be true soon)
Baba started walking with me, he reached the stairs holding my hand & stopped.
Baba- Koi aur bhi hain tumhare saath?
Me- Ji Baba, My Partner in company, His wife & Mother in Law
Baba- Apne parner ko bulao.
Me- I called my friend near to us
Baba to my partner- Iska sahara kabhi mat chodna,
My Friend- Ji Baba
His mother-in-law - Kabhi ye (me) hi chod de toh?
Baba- Tabhi toh keh raha hun, Iska sahara kabhi mat chodna, Yeh Bahut acha hain.
Baba- Yeh Darta hain hi ki jis se iski shadi hogi who kaise hogi?
Me -Surprised as I had this fear in my mind from long.
Baba- woh pehle se hi baba ki beti hogi

Baba started walking towards his home holding my hand, talking to me.
Baba- Sai Baba ke darshan kiye ?
Me- Ji baba, Bada mazaa aaya, Khub ache darshan kiye or bina VIP pass k Sabse aage khade hokar aarti bi attend ki, Baba ne bahut pyar kiya.
Baba - dekha mere Sai ko!

Baba took me to his worship place
Baba- dekh le ji bhar ka Sai ko, Yeh woh photo ho jo Baba Agni mein prakat hue thay, Dekh kitni Umar jyada ho gayi mere sai ki, kaun kehta hain woh chale gaye hai.
Baba took some prasad from Sai’s feet & gives me. He asked me to worship as
much I want and told me that he will come back.
While entering the room, I hear him saying to People.
Baba - Aaj main bahut khush hun, yeh jo aaya hain mere pass, aaj sabko dunga.
(I can’t describe the feelings I had at that moment, from last 2 years since complications has started in my life I had been living in pain, today I was getting such a special treatment which I never expected)

Baba came back to me and gives me 3 stones. (Which can be worn in ring)

Baba- Tumhara bada bhai hain, tum uske liye pareshan ho, yeh lo ek ki tum aur ek apne bhaiya ko left hand ki first finger main ring bana ke pehne ko dena, sab acha ho jayega.

(He again gave me solutions to some deep thoughts I had, I had tears in my eyes & was silently listening to him)

Baba- Yeh stone bahut precious hain, main har kisi ko nahi deta, aaj tum aaye ho toh main bahut khush hun, isliye tumhe 3 diye hain. Ab tum baba k darshan karo.

Baba walks outside the room to meet all the people who was standing there.
After having darshan I also join the people outside. Baba holds my hand & says to everyone, “ Yeh bahut acha hain, tumhe pata hain Sai ko bhi 500 Rs diye jaate hain aur isne bhi mujhe 500 Rs hi diye.
I requested him for leave, He blessed me & gave me permission to leave. I touched his feet and took leave from that room.

It was beyond my mind capacity to digest or understand, I went on the grass and sat their for 5 mins. Than I saw my friends coming out and joined them but my state of mind did not changed. I was lost somewhere. I got all the answers but still could understand a word.
We left from there and had our lunch and reached our hotel room around 5.

We relaxed in our room for sometime and than again started for Samadhi Mandir to have darshan, This time again Baba showered his grace on me, We attened the Aarti standing in the main hall and also saw Baba’s Palki. I had his darshan for 10 minutes. After Darshan we went for Dinner and than sat in Dwarkamai reading satcharitra. This time even I wanted to attend Aarti in Dwarkamai. We were reading with devotion & their a Cat came who sat near us also touched me with her feet and wanted to sit in lap of Bhabhi’s mother.

Again my friend felt sleepy around 3 and I left her in Her room, went to my room took bath and went to Dwarkamai to do my daily Prayers etc. I did it and attended Aarti, Aarti in Dwarkamai was peaceful like divine. After this me, Bhabhi & Her monther went for some tea and breakfast around 6am and than went back to our Hotel room. I had my train at 9am so I did my packing etc and went again to have darshan of My Sai. I requested him to give me Darshan like last time. Again My Sai showered grace, I had very nice Darshan, got Coconut & flowers from priest. I was contented after all this. I came back in my room and left for my train at around 8.

I don’t know how to write this ending as I never wanted it to end. So I am leaving it like this. May Baba bless you all.

With Warm Regards,
Sai Varun

Monday, 12 August 2019

My Shirdi Trip & Baba's Miracles Part 1

ॐ सांई राम

My Shirdi Trip & Baba's Miracles Part 1

Om Sai Ram!

This is my second experience that I am writing on this blog, you can read the first one following this link-

Baba brings you back to him!

Miracles happen every moment..It is just that we take note of only the big ones, the below experience which I am going to share is one of those times when you need to take time off your worldly matters to understand what just happened with you. I will narrate this experience as it is without any edits & will also include the thoughts that immediately came in my mind at each & every step.

Part 1This particular experience that I am going to narrate is about my recent trip to Shirdi. I was planning to visit Shirdi since June but was not able to make up my mind. Finally in August some of my friends expressed their interest in visiting Shirdi & we decided to move ahead with tickets etc. We were in bangalore & from here no direct flights to Nasik or Aurangabad..So we decided to travel via Train or else Bus if we do not get tickets. It was 5th August when we finalized this & the travel date was 17th August. We checked the train tickets & the waiting list was large & there were little chances of it getting confirmed. Still My sister in law booked the tickets in 2nd AC. I was hoping to book the tickets in tatkal quota 2 days before 17th i.e. 15th August. I was praying to Baba that if he wants only than I can make it to Shirdi. On 14th there was a house party & I slept at 3am. Now to book tickets one need to wake up at 8 & do it else the quota finishes in 20 minutes past 8. I was hopeful that if Baba wants I will surely get the tickets. I woke up at 8.05 and rushed to open the website & book tickets. To my surprise all the seats of quota were still there, I thanked Baba & proceeded with booking, I needed to book 4 tickets, Everything went fine but the payment did not went through & it got declined, I tried again & this time it was 10 seats left, The same error happened again & I could not book the tickets. I got little worried & prayed to Baba. Thus being hopeful I felt like trying one last time, This time it was 4 seats left, I was constantly praying to Baba & this time I was able to book tickets. I was elated & as soon as I booked the tickets I got this SMS-

Shirdi chalo Shirdi Chalo, Baba ne bulaya hai
Ye sandesha Baba ne aapke liye shirdi se bhijwaya hai.

Dear Sai Devotees, this is going to be a very long one, Please bear with me & Have patience while reading. Baba had planned himself for me this time & starting from beginning till end I could not understand anything except SAI.

We had to catch the train at 1900 hours from Bangalore station, we booked the Cab & was to reach us at 1700 hours. At 1650 I checked with Cab customer care & they told me that Cab is unavailable & they had sent an SMS which might have not delivered due to network congestion. I again thought Is it that Baba does not want me to come. I tried booking another cabs & all the cabs were available after 1 hour only, Luckily I managed to get one cab Immediately but he took 30 mins to reach us due to traffic. We left from station approx. 40 mins late from planned time, thus we decided to go to Cantt. Station which is nearer. To worsen things it started raining heavily & due to which water logged on roads. All this resulted in heavy traffic on road. Again the clouds of doubts appeared but this time I was confident that I will surely make it to station & Shirdi.
Yes we reached Station just 10 minutes before but we reached. Sigh!
We entered the station & was waiting for train, We saw a bakery shop on platform & felt like eating, I went to buy something & there I saw a man with a walking stick asking me for food. Strangely he asked none but me for food, I made him eat something & took my stuff & left. We boarded the train & sat on our seats. I am skipping some small incidents here during our journey due to comparatively low relevance.

We reached Kopargaon at 1+ something, took taxi from there & left for Shirdi. We reached
Shirdi around 2.30pm & took a hotel just opposite Dwarkamai. Strangely I was not in hurry to have Darshan of Baba, instead I was feeling to visit Chawadi first than Dwarkamai & than Samadhi Mandir, I was also praying to baba, give me Darshan nicely not like last time just for few seconds. We got freshen up & came to Chawadi & than Dwarkamai. We sat there for like 10-20 mins. We were feeling hungry & it was already 5.30. We ate some food & I did not wanted to go to Samadhi mandir right now as Evening Aarati was about to start & there was lots of people in all the halls. I prayed to Baba that I wanted to attend Aarati but not in such hurry with so much crowd. Thus we decided to go after 7.

We entered the temple at approx. 7.30 pm & joined the queue in the first hall. The first hall had only some people but I guess the second hall should have been full. The queue was moving slowly & Suddenly when It was my turn to enter the second hall, the guard asked me to stop and closed the gate. I was surprised as to what it was but how could I guess Baba wanted me to welcome in a good way. Another guard came after 5 mins &  let me through and directly to stairs skipping the second hall. I felt astonished. We reached the main hall & was eager to see a glimpse of Baba & there I saw him shining like Sun with a glory that of ‘Rising Sun embarking its strength to wither away all the  darkness’. I can not express the joy I felt., I thanked baba for calling me to Shirdi & prayed him again to give me Darshan nicely, I wanted to see him till my soul is filled with his presence. We reached near to Idol and could see that people were not allowed to have Darshan for more than 5 seconds, some were even given 2 seconds. There were 3-4 guards and they were pushing people aside. I was worried that I will not be able to see Baba for long. As soon as I reached the Idol, one guard hold my hand.....I  thought he will pull me away and I will have to go.

But Baba had something else planned for me!

That very guard looked me in the eyes, gave a very good smile & told me to have darshan for as long as I want, I was overwhelmed. I looked at Baba with contentment & thanked him. That very guard gave me prasad & flowers from Baba’s Samadhi. He also asked me to have Darshan again at the samadhi, I took it with grace. I again got prasad , He told me to stand in corner and have darshan till I want. I stood there for 15 minutes talking to my Baba. Than a Lady guard came & asked me to have darshan again & gave me garlands from Baba’s Idol. My joy knew no bounds as If I have got what I aspired for. I was spellbound & speechless. I again stood there for 5 more minutes looking at Baba & Baba looking at me with love as if he was telling me, I listen to you & this is the proof, Now do you have any doubts?

Do you think here ends my roller coaster ride?

Not yet, My friends were waiting for me outside the hall & were surprised to see me as if they were excited to know what just happened but I was in another world. We went to Gurusthan & were looking for Neem Leaves, we could not find any. One guard from nowhere took notice of this & called me. He asked me very poiltely “ You are searching for Neem Leaves?” I replies in Positive. He told me, “Please take 101 rounds of Gurusthan & you will get it, everyone who does it, gets it for sure”. We decided to do this & the guard disappeared somewhere. As soon as I completed my 25 rounds the very same guard called me & gave me 2 neem leaves & told me,”Make sure to complete the 101 rounds”. I expressed gratitude and continued. In between My friend’s wife asked me are these leaves really sweet? I replied “Let me check” I ate both the leaves and yes they were!
As soon as I completed my 50th round, Guard came again & this time with a smile he gave me one more neem leave and said “ You might have eaten the last 2 leaves, please keep this one in mini wallet you carry” Here I must tell you all, I don’t carry a full wallet me all the time, I generally carry a small Credit card holder with some cash. I asked him How do you know I have a mini wallet? He smiled and asked me to continue. I was totally in different state of mind unable to understand anything. I was chanting Sai Ram continuously and taking my rounds. I was wondering what was happening with me, Is this for real or these guards do this trick to some chosen people but then suddenly it came to me, everything that happens is controlled by SAI, so this must be inspired by him only. I was again called by the guard after 75th round. This time what happened gave me all the answers as If SAI was listening to my thoughts & wanted to answer me one by one. He gave me one red & transparent bead’s necklace and said these words, “You have been asking Sai to be your Guru for long, Today Sai becomes you GURU and also you wanted to attend Aarti, Please attend you aarti here at Gurusthan & wear this after aarti finishes after placing it on Sai’s feet at Gurusthan, This was given to me for you by Sai himself” Just as he finished the aarti started. (I had been wishing Baba from long to be my Guru & guide me through this worldly affairs and not to forget my wish to attend Aarti when I reached Shirdi)

I had tears in my eyes & this led me a world beyond my imagination & understanding. I continued my rounds and as soon as I completed the rounds the aarti also finished. I wore the Mala “Necklace” as he suggested. I went to thank him for all this, instead of listening to me he asked me to wait so that he could bring the aarti prasad, He gave me the Prasad and told me you can share it with your friends. After this I thank him whole heartedly & left for my hotel. I needed a lot of time to digest all this.

Keep Watching this space, tomorrow you will experience the Second Part  (Part 2) of my Experience....

Till then Om Sai Ram to all...

Sunday, 11 August 2019

"साईं की लीला सुने, कर साईं का ध्यान, भक्ति सद्गुरु साईं की, त्याग सकल अभिमान"

ॐ सांई राम

 "साईं की लीला सुने,
कर साईं का ध्यान,
भक्ति सद्गुरु साईं की,
त्याग सकल अभिमान"
"साईं राम मेरा सत्यगुरु"

श्री साईं सच्चरित्र संदेश,

"वे (श्री साईं बाबा) न तो किसी जानवर की बलि चाहते थे और न ही चढ़ावे में धन की कामना करते थे | उन्हें तो सच्चे प्रेम, श्रद्धा और विशवास की भूख थी, जिसके होने पर उनके सभी कष्ट नष्ट हो सकते थे |"

ॐ Sai Ram

"Sai Leela heard of, 
to the attention of Sai, 
Bhakti of Sadhguru Sai, sacrificing gross arrogance "
"My true Guru Sai Ram"

Sri Sai Satcharitra Message
"He (Sai Baba) neither wanted to sacrifice an animal, nor did I wish for money in offering them the true love, faith and belief was hunger, which could be lost when I suffer them all"

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