शिर्डी के साँई बाबा जी की समाधी और बूटी वाड़ा मंदिर में दर्शनों एंव आरतियों का समय....

"ॐ श्री साँई राम जी
समाधी मंदिर के रोज़ाना के कार्यक्रम

मंदिर के कपाट खुलने का समय प्रात: 4:00 बजे

कांकड़ आरती प्रात: 4:30 बजे

मंगल स्नान प्रात: 5:00 बजे
छोटी आरती प्रात: 5:40 बजे

दर्शन प्रारम्भ प्रात: 6:00 बजे
अभिषेक प्रात: 9:00 बजे
मध्यान आरती दोपहर: 12:00 बजे
धूप आरती साँयकाल: 7:00 बजे
शेज आरती रात्री काल: 10:30 बजे


निर्देशित आरतियों के समय से आधा घंटा पह्ले से ले कर आधा घंटा बाद तक दर्शनों की कतारे रोक ली जाती है। यदि आप दर्शनों के लिये जा रहे है तो इन समयों को ध्यान में रखें।


Tuesday, 20 March 2012


ॐ सांई राम

Sai’s ways are unfathomable, his ever flowing love for his children and his loving grace are just undeceivable by any human mind.

I had experienced such a blessing recently and that too on my birthday.  My birthday falls on 20th June and this year it  has become a Sai blessed birthday which I can cherish forever until my last breath, I was also inspired to share this wonderful Sai leela with the members of the Sai family through the Sai Miracle book for which I am thankful.

By the grace of Sai, I am fortunate enough to have the satsang of Pujyashri. Kulasekara Perumalji-lovingly called as Appa  (founder and priest of Gowrivakkam Sai Mandir) and Baba had made Appa as an instrument to bless me which I consider as a twin blessing.  On June, 20th 2010, Appa had a wonderful vision(dream) of our All Pervasive, Sai.

Conversation that took place between Baba and Appa in the dream.

Baba- What is the time now?

Appa- Sai, it is 1:45 a.m.

Baba- check it out correctly

Appa- Baba it is 1:44 a.m.

Baba- Why do you still sleep, get up today is my child Kothandaraman’s birthday, go and give your almirah (storewell) to him as his birthday gift and tell him to preserve it hereditarily (this word was used by Sai in English and other conversations took place in Tamil).

Appa- happily abided to Sai’s wish. (the almirah mentioned by Sai was actually gifted to Appa by one of his friend few years ago)

As mentioned by Sai in Appa’s dream the day dawned and it was my birthday (Kothandaraman) and the whole dream was narrated to me by Appa, when I had been to Sai Mandir to have the darshan and blessings of Saima. What and how will I express my joy, it had no bounds words fall short I could only bow to  my Sai and hold on to his lotus feet and thank him for accepting all my devotion and blessing me on my birthday in his own special way.

Let the world go topsy, turvy do not worry, hold on to Sai’s feet and he is ever there to help us and guide us in the right path.



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